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Experience with DEASA - Collection

Here are some authentic case reports from a selection of our customers. On request and at an advanced stage in consultation, we will be happy to provide the opportunity for you to personally review these and other references.
In addition, we offer our collection customers, to publish testimonials directly on the Internet. A corresponding confirmation process ensures that the publication can not be influenced by us and that the client is the authentic author of the testimonials.

“Last year, we wanted to realise a hotel resort project here in Portugal. Project financing to the tune of $ 80 million was offered to us by an investment company in South Africa. We transferred $ 800,000 to the account of a notary as a fee for the provision of equity capital. The equity capital was never made
available to us: neither did we ever see the loan, nor was our fee refunded. Thanks to the professional help of DEASA we got back a considerable sum of the money, although it was a struggle”.
G. G., Faro, Portugal

“I arranged a top business building for an extremely attractive price in Pragu for a foreign real estate investment company. This then turned into a contentious issue. The investment company which had hired me informed me that they were withdrawing from the deal and that they had decided on a different property. I then discovered, via various channels, that a third-country partner company of this investment company had purchased the property on its behalf. The negotiations were held directly with the vendor, I was sidestepped. The real estate investment company denied any plot, calling it chance. Naturally, they couldn’t pay the commission of EUR 750,000 they owed me. I could of course take legal action… instead, I engaged DEASA which,

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