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Debtor not paying? Looking for a debt collector?

Our company is an amalgamation of international, successful collection specialists who have bundled their long-term experience into synergetic professionalism in order to carry out their mission as a unit: namely, to get your money back. We reject physical violence, which companies such as “Moskau Inkasso” etc flirt with. There are plenty of other methods to get your money. We do not need “Russian debt collectors”.

Nearly everybody has met with the problem: A debtor refuses to pay. Provided legal action either makes sense or is even possible - due to the often complicated jurisdictions - and after time-consuming and expensive processes - one finally manages to get a title against the relevant debtor. But, this does not automatically mean that you will get any money. Often the debtor has moved his assets just in time and/or signed over to people close to him.

In particular in those cases where the debtor acted with fraudulent intent, he only laughs at the official measures as he was, of course, expecting them and had already taken the necessary precautions.

More and more affected people do not want to put up with this existent protection of debtors and therefore fall back on alternative collection services. Our clients are not only private individuals and small companies, but also multi-national concerns and law firms which have reached their limitations regarding collection.

Our company offers a reliable solution which is effective and yet still legal. We work in an investigative and creative manner, coupled with a suitably applied personal presence at the debtor’s location. We solve your problems worldwide. Both through our own, experienced and qualified personal as well as by access to an upstanding global network of freelancers in various fields of debt collection.

We can start collection of claims at EUR 250,000.—for international cases. (respectively equivalent in another currency). National claims can be taken over starting at EUR 100,000.--. For “smaller” cases we know sometimes other specialized debt collectors or we can suggest other possible solutions.

Contact us without obligation. We assess your debt collection case and to submit you an offer.

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