Our Service

Is active claim management.

Collecting money on behalf of our clients. In our client's interest we rely more on being specialists than universalists. Everybody should do what he/she does best.
That is why we concentrate on one thing - and one thing only: To collect money for national and international claims. And here we assure you of fast, professional and, most of all uncomplicated, handling. Let your area or sales manager advise you!

Physical violence, as companies as “Moskau Inkasso” flirt with are rejected by Debt Enforcement Agency. There are plenty of other methods to get your money.
We are happy to leave everything else (such as legal advice, investments, trustee activities, etc.) to the colleagues who, in turn, are the specialists in their field.
A special offer however, which has grown out of our practical activity,is to provide international law services on favorable terms (flatrate)

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