Debt Enforcement Agency S.A.

Debt Collection Company for International Claims

Collection of claims starting at EUR 250,000.--. (respectively equivalent in another currency). National claims starting at EUR 100,000.--. For “smaller” cases we know sometimes other specialized debt collectors or we can suggest other possible solutions.

Attention: Claims under EUR 10’000.-- can not be taken over in any case by of our debt collection service!

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Successful debt collection with Debt Enforcemenet Agency S.A. (DEASA). We take over where attorneys and conventional collection agencies stop.

Our application areas are:

Our debt collector team guarantees

serious and efficient debt collection. We work on investigative and creative manner, coupled with appropriately dosed presence at the debtor personally on the spot (however no so called Russian debt collection). Before taking on a case we check, without any obligation, on your chances of success and advise you. Contact our debt enforcement agency

Since 20 years

collecting money has been our business. Debt collections for private and corporate customers.
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We work for the greatest part with contingency fee

When an order is placed only a security deposit is due, whose amount we notify you of after hearing about your case.
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